Follow the race cars #120 & 1803 via GPS through the links below !

Follow the race cars #120 & #1803 via GPS through the links below! | |

Monday, November 21, 2011

The End...

Hello peeps,

I must report sad news from our Baja 1000 results. Both vehicles didn't finish the race.

The #1803 was in the lead of it class, but at race mile 105 the steering broke, and after they try fixing it the drivers notice that they didn't have any breaks !... One of the break lines was cut and had a leak. That was the end for that vehicle.

The #120 was running at a fast pace and doing well, but at race mile 350 the engine started losing power and the car wet into a bed of silt (nasty super fine grain sand) and got stuck ! After they got towed out the engine have up and the car was stopped and out of the race.

Although the results were not what we were expecting, the experience was an incredible one for me and the team !

Baja is a very special place and a very special race, and as a very good friend of mine said it "Experience is more important than winning."

Thanks for all of your support, words of encouragement, and following this blog.

For me now is on to the next great adventure.....

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