Follow the race cars #120 & 1803 via GPS through the links below !

Follow the race cars #120 & #1803 via GPS through the links below! | |

Monday, November 21, 2011

The End...

Hello peeps,

I must report sad news from our Baja 1000 results. Both vehicles didn't finish the race.

The #1803 was in the lead of it class, but at race mile 105 the steering broke, and after they try fixing it the drivers notice that they didn't have any breaks !... One of the break lines was cut and had a leak. That was the end for that vehicle.

The #120 was running at a fast pace and doing well, but at race mile 350 the engine started losing power and the car wet into a bed of silt (nasty super fine grain sand) and got stuck ! After they got towed out the engine have up and the car was stopped and out of the race.

Although the results were not what we were expecting, the experience was an incredible one for me and the team !

Baja is a very special place and a very special race, and as a very good friend of mine said it "Experience is more important than winning."

Thanks for all of your support, words of encouragement, and following this blog.

For me now is on to the next great adventure.....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Off they goooooooo !!!

The C1 class and UTV vehicle at the start line right before the green flag drops !

Jessi & i ... <3

I meet Jessi from Mythbusters at the starting line ! She was impressed with our C1 class vehicle ;-)

The start line !

At the start line. Vehicles wait to be sent out in 30 seconds intervals and in other of their respective vehicle classes.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pre race pics !!

Drivers and teams get pictures before the rough road that lies ahead....

Last minute fuel top off and a little race wisdom..

Race day !

Race is already underway (for motorcycles) ... Our vehicles depart at about noon and one o'clock

You can already see the teams vehicles (#120 & #1803) on the GPS ! Here is the direct link:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Light adjustment and final check

This evening we did a final light adjustment and check of the cabin to maker sure everything is up to par for tomorrow's race!

Race starts at 6:30am for motorcycles and 11:30am for vehicles. Our teams vehicles will probably depart the start line at around noon and one o'clock.

I will be at the start line pushing and sending both vehicles into the race.....tomorrow we race the Baja 1000!!!

Last minute practice

This afternoon some drivers went out to scope the first 100 miles of the race right outside of Ensinada.

It is very muddy and wet... But the cars are doing great time.

Buenos días Ensinada!

Today we had an early morning team meeting to discuss pit/chase strategy.

I have been assigned the last section of the race (from race mile 540 to 692) which means I will be in action from about 12am Saturday to the end of the race (~12pm). The last section runs along the west coat of the Baja peninsula and into Ensinada.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Ensinada...

Today we arrived to Ensinada and the Baja spirit is full on ! The city is flooded with Baja teams from all over the world.

Out team went to tech inspection And registration... And we had no problems passing tech!

We were also able to check the competition... They don't look that fast ;-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shipping vehicles

Today we spent all morning and a good part of the afternoon tuning the vehicles and doing some last minute checks and adjustments before the cars were send to Encinada (the city where the race starts)

Tomorrow morning the entire crew will fly/drive there to unload, take the cars through tech inspection and final registration for the race.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Engine work under the moon

So the #1803 car runs, but we found out this evening it is lacking some 'umph' ... Thus, a little engine work under the moon is taking place now...

Practice makes perfect...

An uneventful day with a lot of pre-running vehicles. Drivers and co-drivers practice their section of the course...

Buenos Días San Felipe!

Woke up this morning to go pick up the rest of the crew from the airport...

Last night a ton of teams rolled in to the hotel... More cars, trucks and motorcycles, here are a few pics of the competition:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Desert Drama - at night!

Good news first, both cars are running perfectly and looking good...

... Last night I had a reality check when a pre-runner vehicle from our team ran out of gas in the middle of no where.

We got a text message from the riders at about 9pm and headed out on a pickup truck with a trailer....

Unfortunately finding the pre-runner vehicle proof to be a challenge and the pick up truck got stuck in the desert sand.

We had to ditch the trailer, shovel the truck out and use the gate of the trailer to get traction in the sand... Left the trailer there and went to rescue the pre-runner guys.

Found the pre-runner and rescued the guys along with a motorcyclist that had no working lights on his bike. Headed back to dig out the trailer with the help of others...

By this time it was 2am... and we all got back to the hotel safely.... Oh did I mention it was pouring raining all night !?!.... Welcome to Baja Jorge.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The #1803 car

Unloading the vehicle... Then we found out it wouldn't start ! Eek !!!!.....

Home away from home...

This is San Felipe viewed from the air as we came in.

Adios US...

Our sweeeet ride to San Felipe !

Via Baja...

Clearly is not Mexico, but I got a sweet view of the Rockies on my way to Phoenix.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet the Vehicles!!

Below are the C1 #120 and UTV #1803 vehicles for the race....

I leave tomorrow at 7:10am to Phoenix to meet with the rest of the team and catch a 'sweet' ride to San Felipe, Mexico !.....

....but before all this travel i am booked to enjoy some live music, Yonder Mountain String Band tonight!

C1 Class Black Rock car # 120

UTV Class Hawk Car #1803