Follow the race cars #120 & 1803 via GPS through the links below !

Follow the race cars #120 & #1803 via GPS through the links below! | |

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Desert Drama - at night!

Good news first, both cars are running perfectly and looking good...

... Last night I had a reality check when a pre-runner vehicle from our team ran out of gas in the middle of no where.

We got a text message from the riders at about 9pm and headed out on a pickup truck with a trailer....

Unfortunately finding the pre-runner vehicle proof to be a challenge and the pick up truck got stuck in the desert sand.

We had to ditch the trailer, shovel the truck out and use the gate of the trailer to get traction in the sand... Left the trailer there and went to rescue the pre-runner guys.

Found the pre-runner and rescued the guys along with a motorcyclist that had no working lights on his bike. Headed back to dig out the trailer with the help of others...

By this time it was 2am... and we all got back to the hotel safely.... Oh did I mention it was pouring raining all night !?!.... Welcome to Baja Jorge.

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